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12 Great Things To See And Do On The Coast This Spring:

The mild days and cool nights of winter are over with and spring is here!
The days are only going to become warmer and longer as we begin the run into summer, and that makes the idea of enjoying the great outdoors far more enjoyable, doesn’t it?
So right on time, here are our recommendations for things to do and places to go see on the Coast, all easily done within a day:
#1. Australian Reptile Park
This one’s always a treat if you have family visiting from further away, and especially if they have school-aged children with them. See deadly snakes, spiders, crocodiles and Aussie wildlife up close, catch an entertaining show and learn a thing or two along the way at what is (arguably) the Central Coasts’ best-known tourist attraction:
#2. Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures
For those of you who like something a bit more action-packed that gets the pulse racing, why not head to Glenworth Valley? Activities include horse riding, abseiling, quad-biking and laser skirmish, with the option to mix and match any activities you want. You can also stay at the venue overnight if you’re too weary for the drive home when the days’ activities are done:
#3. Treetop Adventure Park
At the Treetop Adventure Park, you navigate an obstacle course that’s high up in the trees, walking across wobbly logs and narrow wires. The course gets more difficult the further you progress. A great challenge for anybody who wants to test their skills or conquer that fear of heights!
#4. Aquafun
Explore Avoca Lake on pedal boats, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards. There’s no need to book in advance- just turn up on the day. Best of all, you can swap boats as many times as you like!
#5. Amazement Farm & Fun Park
Want somewhere to spend an enjoyable, relaxing afternoon with the kids? Amazement Farm & Fun Park has you covered! The kids can explore mazes, hold bunnies, feed goats and sheep, pat horses and ride a pony, plus get to see alpacas and exotic birds.
#6. Treetop Crazy Rider
The world’s longest roller coaster zip line. 6 minutes of riding through the tree tops as if you were on a rollercoaster. Need I say any more?
#7. Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park
Called “one of the best animal adventures for families” by Lonely Planet, here you can find 63 species of native animals, housed on 80 acres of protected natural habitat. This includes free-roaming animals like kangaroos, emus and wallabies, plus enclosed animals like echidnas, flying foxes and Tasmanian devils. The site features bushwalking tracks, picnic areas and the possibility of staying overnight in a tent or cabin.
#8. Microlight Adventures
Fly over Tuggerah Lake and the Central Coasts’ pristine beaches and national parks, in an unforgettable experience that should be on everybody’s bucket list. Did I mention that Len (the owner) might just let you control the microlight yourself at some point?
#9. Distillery Botanica
Taste (and buy) award-winning liquers made from plants like aniseed and lemon myrtle, along with the must-try Moore’s Gin.
#10. Segway Central Coast
Ride on a Segway through the parklands of Mt Penang, with options to ride for 30 minutes, 1 hour or 90 minutes. Children 10 and up can ride, and bookings are essential.
#11. Jetpack Adventures
Jetpack Adventures is an exciting water activity that allows you to soar above the water with a jetpack or board. Located at Mt Penang Parklands, you need to book a date and time in advance, and anybody over 40kg can fly.
#12. Taking it easy by the water
Ettalong, Terrigal and The Entrance are all right on the water, by the beach with plenty of options to choose from when it comes to restaurants and bars. Where better to go for a meal and unwind after partaking in any of the activities recommended here?

The above are just some of the options available right on our doorstep. For more great ideas, check out this weeks’ coupons:

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Why you still can’t beat shopping locally in 2019…

There’s a lot of discussion about the future of actual bricks-and-mortar businesses these days-
We live in an age where so much purchasing is done online from global retailers, where you can order a product from a store based in Canada or the U.K and it’s on your doorstep in just a couple of days. Yet in this online economy, there are still plenty of reasons to support local business that are beneficial to you, your community and the businesses themselves.
Here’s why:
#1 Stimulate the local economy
When you purchase from a locally-owned business, that money is generally kept in the local community. A locally-owned business often purchases necessary items and services from other local businesses, and so this helps support your local economy.
2) Local business supports your lifestyle
If you’ve ever tried to raise funds for a local school, organisation or charity, no doubt you know first-hand how much easier it is to attract donations from local businesses. When locally-owned businesses donate to charitable causes in their area, it saves having to get approval from the state government!
3) Local business provides the majority of Australian jobs
Local businesses are the largest employers in Australia, so by financially supporting local business you’re also helping to support (and grow) jobs in your community, which has positive flow-on effects for your community as a whole, whether it be overall living standards or property value.
4) Customer service
Local businesses often have salespeople with more specific product knowledge, which leads to better customer service overall.
5) Support of the arts
Often, a local business supports local artists by selling (and displaying) pieces from local artists. This is an opportunity to get your hands on a unique piece that could gain significant value in the years to come.
6) Local business owners invest in your community
Local businesses are (for the most part) owned by people who live in the community, so they’re more invested in your community’s welfare and committed to its’ future. They’re also committed to you, as they rely on your support for survival.
7) Public benefits outweigh the costs
Comparatively speaking, local businesses require less infrastructure and are able to utilise public services in a more efficient manner.
8) You Matter
Seeing as the success of a local business is more dependent on the purchasing decisions and feedback of the community, your feedback and your personal buying choices have more sway than, say, at a large regional chain store. A local business owner is also more likely to provide you with better service and after-sale service.
9) Better deals and superior advice
Local businesses have a better understanding of their individual customers, and are more likely to reward you with discounts on items you want to buy. The owners and sales team of a local business can provide you with information on the benefits of a particular product or service, on top of providing recommendations based upon the requirements of the local area. Often, products from local providers are of a higher quality and are made in Australia- or even locally.
10) Exercise
Buying locally (as opposed to online or at a large regional mall) means it’s more likely you can walk or cycle to the store, which is great for keeping fit!
So take a look at the offers available below this week, and enjoy the satisfaction of supporting a local business and getting great deals

This Weeks Latest Offers!

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Love great deal? Here’s 4 reasons you can’t beat coupons:

Just stop and picture this, for a moment-
Imagine you’re at work one day, when your boss calls you into the office.
What’s this about?” you wonder to yourself as you sit across the desk…
Your boss then hands you a cheque for $1,000 and informs you that the business has allocated x amount of bonus money for employees like yourself- and this $1,000 cheque is your share of it.
Do you reckon you’d throw that cheque away, allow it to get lost or discarded with?
No way!
Obviously you’d bank it, wouldn’t you? Use it to pay off bills, treat somebody, treat yourself or save it for a rainy day.
You see, coupons work much the same way, only the payoff comes in smaller increments. Every year, companies allocate a certain amount of their budget to entice customers to use their products or services. Some of this money is allocated to shoppers via money saving coupons- so if you throw those coupons out rather than hang onto them, you miss out on the savings!
If you’re still not convinced, here’s 4 reasons coupons really are an unbeatable deal:
#1 You Can Buy More
You stand to make notable savings when you use coupons to purchase necessities. By doing this, you can buy goods in bulk that have a long shelf-life- and get them at a great deal, too. This also means you can save a considerable amount buying the goods in bulk, as opposed to buying just the single item consistently.
#2 Items on your ‘wish list’ become attainable
Sometimes, a product you’d love to buy remains out of reach due to the price factor. But taking advantage of a coupon offer can remove this barrier and allow you to purchase that item on your wish list- at a bargain. The availability of coupons for online stores (or a range of online stores) means you can possibly choose from several dream items, and do so no matter where you are.
3) Make great savings
Even if the saving is only 5 or 10% with a coupon, this makes a notable difference on bigger ticket items. If you buy a range of items with coupons (especially essentials) then the savings are multiplied. Grab a calculator and see for yourself- the numbers (although seemingly small at first) ad up!
4) Plan your shopping in advance
Seeing as coupons are offered during limited periods, this helps you to plan shopping for your dream items or essentials and wait for just the right time to redeem the available offers- and save.
You can also save a lot by waiting to use coupons that have a specific date of usage. For example, if you have a coupon to save on a jacket that’s redeemable during winter, then you’re more likely to wait for this window to open so you get a good deal on a new clothing item.
Although coupons bring the benefits listed above, there are still factors to consider before you redeeming them. Check the quality of the product, so you can be rest assured you’re genuinely getting a great deal, and also make note of the usage date of the coupons (if they have one) so you don’t miss out.
With that in mind- take a look through this week’s offers, and enjoy some great deals!


This Weeks Latest Offers!

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If you’ve got it, you’ve got it. Some people are just born entertainers. From the perfect food, to the best party playlist, to amazing decorations, some folks always throw stellar soirées.

However, the extravagance of a party often relates to the budget. Obviously, a millionaire can throw an impressive, lavish event – but what if your budget is of less epic proportions? From a small gathering to a bigger affair, you don’t need a huge bank account to throw a party that will have everyone talking at brunch the next morning.

Planning a Party on a Tight Budget

Most of your party budget will go toward things that you feel are the most important to your event. When I throw a party, I prioritize decorations, so I always allocate a large chunk of my budget to candles, banners, and any other mood-setting devices that fit my theme.

It’s fine to spend a little extra on your priority items, but that might not leave much for anything else. In this case, try some DIY projects and enlist the help of your friends to relieve some of the financial burden. Here are some of the best tips for entertaining on a strict budget.

1. Use Simple Invitations

Unless its a wedding or formal event, your party doesn’t need paper invitations. Instead, opt for email invites using Evite. They’re free to send and allow your friends the option to instantly RSVP.

If everyone you wish to invite is on Facebook, you can also create an event page to dole out food assignments, as well as to receive playlist requests for the evening. It’s the fastest way to tally guests, and you’ll know in advance how much food to purchase.

2. Find Budget Decor

While you may love spending money on fancy decor, some of the stuff you have sitting around your house could be perfect for your party, and it won’t cost you a dime.

Instead of stressing over your lack of swanky china, mix and match three or four designs of bowls, plates, and cups. The effect is vintage, quirky, and most importantly, cheap. Looking for the perfect place cards? Grab everyday items and use a tag and a Sharpie to add names – pine cones, small Chinese takeout boxes, and even cheap dollar store votive candles work perfectly. Skip the pricey fresh-cut flowers and use groupings of objects to create centerpieces. A grouping of different-sized candles or vases filled with citrus fruit last longer, and you can even send some home with guests.

Find Budget Decor


3. Supply Cheap Eats

Filet mignon? Please. You don’t need to serve pricey cuts of meat to impress your guests. Instead of adding full entrees to the menu, try offering a smattering of appetizer-sized edibles – you’ll save major dough on your food budget. Soup shooters, meat skewers, and dips fill up your guests on the cheap without sacrificing taste.

If you’re really strapped for cash, consider making your party a potluck dinner. If the word “potluck” gives you pause, try presenting the party as a “recipe exchange” for salads and desserts, and then provide the main dish yourself.

4. Drink Up!

Alcohol can be one of the worst budget-busters when it comes to throwing a party, especially if you need to buy full bottles of a variety of alcohol.

Instead of buying your supplies from the liquor store, go the “chic” route and pick a signature drink for the night. That way, you only have to purchase one or two types of alcohol, and you can specifically base your drink around a cheaper wine spritzer over pricier liquor. Just be sure to supply non-alcohol drinks, like sparkling water and punch, for your thirsty guests and designated drivers.

5. Use Smart Phone Music Apps

Play the role of DJ by loading your smart phone with the Pandora or iHeartRadio apps. They allow you to create your own “radio stations” tailored by mood or similar artists.

Throwing a cocktail party? Load up on Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra. Christmas party? Add an all-holiday station. Anti-Valentine’s with the girls? Kelly Clarkson all the way. If you choose premium memberships, the tunes are commercial-free – otherwise, you’ll get a 15-second break every 30 minutes or so.

Final Word

An economic recession might not exactly put you in the mood to party, but hosting a night with friends can help you loosen up. By skipping the pricey extras and getting creative with your food and decor, you can throw a cheap party that has the same effect as a pricier fete – time with friends, good food, and epic stories to rehash over breakfast the next day.

What other great budget party ideas have you tried out?

Coastal Coupons is a member of the Two Largest Trade Exchanges in Australia.




One of the primary objectives of a barter exchange is to help your business increase  sales. By joining a barter exchange, it enables you to reach out to a new customer base you otherwise would not have had the opportunity to market your products or services too. Just imagine being able to market your products and services to a private network with hundreds of businesses.

Members of a barter exchange are motivated to buy from you, and will generally turn to barter first before thinking of spending their cash. Bartering through a barter exchange is a great resource to generate incremental sales on top of your cash business. It’s like you getting extra business you otherwise would not have gotten.

Below are some common tactics in which a barter exchange can help promote your business:

1) E-newsletter

Get promoted via the barter exchange’s e-newsletter. Let your Trade Broker know what you’d like promoted and they’ll send out an e-newsletter on your behalf to the entire barter network.

2) Video

Provide a testimonial or get your business profiled in a video. The more times a barter member sees you, the more confident they’ll become in doing business with you.

3) Social media

With the popularity of social media, get your barter exchange to promote you on their social media feeds such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN. Provide your Trade Broker with content or information that you’d like promoted.

4) Trade Brokering service

The best way to get promoted is through your Trade Broker. Let your Trade Broker know that you are seeking new business, and your Trade Broker will get in touch with barter members interested in your product or service.

5) Tradeshow exhibition

Be sure to provide your local barter exchange with your marketing materials (i.e. brochures, business cards) so that they can display your information on their display table.

6) Networking events

If there is an opportunity to exhibit with your local barter exchange at their networking event, take advantage of it! Display your marketing materials and network with the barter members in attendance. Don’t forget to bring lots of business cards for networking.

7) Member directory

It’s important to ensure that your information is up-to-date in the online or printed member directory so that other barter members can find you when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Sales through a barter exchange is a function of a number of key factors. First, if your product or service is in high demand, you are almost guaranteed sales. Second, you can better your odds of increasing sales if you work with your barter exchange and Trade Broker by participating and providing them with information to promote. Third, it’s important to have an open line of communication with your Trade Broker. The more your Trade Broker knows about you and your business, the easier it is for your Trade Broker to promote you! Last, by building relationships and providing great service to members of a barter exchange, you can find new cash referrals through word of mouth. If a barter member is happy with their buying experience, they’re likely to tell their non-bartering friends about you which will lead to new cash sales.

 If You are interested in how to join a Trade Exchange on a Free Trial just drop us an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Incentive marketing can be a powerful tool for companies. But what exactly is it?
Incentive marketing is an effective tactic used by companies everywhere. The Business Dictionary defines it as:
Use of motivational devices such as competitions, games, premiums, special pricing, to promote the sale of a merchandise or service."
If this takes the form of a customer loyalty program or a one-off promotion, businesses put out special offers to incentivise customers to purchase their products. In a world where consumers have more choices than ever, incentive marketing helps businesses grab the attention of customers with special deals or opportunities.
Be smart when you craft your incentives. It's easy to throw free stuff at people but it's not the smartest approach to rewards. You should always link back your incentives to your business.
What do you need to know?
Incentives should always relate to your offerings
Incentives should attempt to answer big pain points
Incentives should be simple
While the process behind crafting your incentives may be complicated, your audience message shouldn't be.



Coastal Coupons is part of Reality Group Pty Ltd.


The Staff and Directors at Reality Group are Locals who have extensive experience in Sales and Marketing in the Small and Medium Business sector.


Using Incentive Based marketing concepts, We us Traditional and electronic media to get maximum exposure for your business.


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